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Read stories from the experiences of our clients in their own words.



"Working with Ryan as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made over our year of wedding planning. From the very start he was completely professional: responsive, thorough, a great communicator, and easy to work with. It was clear from the start how much experience he had, and it was extra comforting to be in such good hands as we delved in the wedding planning process.

The weekend of our wedding, Ryan went above and beyond: he was a total A+. Ryan joined for our entire wedding weekend (which was 2+ full days at a site upstate) and took fabulous photos throughout: from our opening dinner and toasts, to campfire, to hair and makeup, through the whole wedding, and down to a jump in the lake at the end of the night. Ryan was a star - he didn't miss a moment. And beyond that, he was a delight to be around, always a really calming presence. He turned around our photos in a month, which is much quicker than many photographers, and we were beyond thrilled by the images. He has an amazing eye and every shot shows a different perspective and a different texture. The photos are interesting, and fun and dynamic.

We couldn't have been happier with Ryan's work!"


"I've been a fan of Ryan's music photography for years so how lucky was I to have him as the photographer for our wedding?!! He was an absolute delight to work with, and planned ahead, asking us questions we'd never have thought to consider. And he captured everything - so beautifully. Every little moment with our friends and family, he got it all. The perfect combination of candid shots (hello dance party) and staged, every image was gorgeous - color, movement...everything we could have dreamed of."





"Ryan is a total talent, I’ve hired him for many years to do professional jobs through my job in the entertainment industry and I’ve admired his work for a long time. My wife and I were delighted to have him photograph our special day. We really wanted someone to document the evening without it being a heavily staged affair and with unique photos. Ryan pulled it off with ease and gave my wife and I such great memories of our wedding.

Everyone that looks at our photos from that night loves them. Ryan will continue to be one of my go-to people for professional photography work. But hopefully not for another one of my own weddings, because that would mean I totally screwed up as a husband." 



"As a soon-to-be-blended family, there was only one real concern for John and I when planning our wedding. We desired that the atmosphere be as comfortable and joyous as it could be for my teenage stepsons. We had a small group of guests in a large outdoor space, lawn games spread out across the fields of the family farm in Maine, a brief shower of rain (ok, we didn’t plan that), and a band whose most recent album debuted at #16 on Billboard Top Country Charts! Needless to day, Ryan captured the true, unique spirit of that day and we are especially grateful for his stunning photographs of each of our boys and of our new family.

We really needed someone who would work independently and respectfully to document all aspects of our wedding day with very few staged photos and Ryan exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you, Ryan, for capturing the absolute beauty, hope and joy of that August day in Maine!”



MORGAN and john



"Planning a wedding in New York from Denmark was never going to be easy, but one thing we knew we wouldn't have to worry about at all, in advance or on the day, was Ryan being the perfect photographer. From the outset, he was a great communicator and really filled us with confidence. 

On the day, Ryan was fantastic. He was discreet and calm but well organized. He worked incredibly hard and somehow managed to be everywhere at once.

He beautifully captured our wedding, not just the event but all the people, and somehow all the love and excitement.  From the formal shot to those which were more natural and candid - we couldn't have asked for better photographs of our day. Even a couple guests who are wedding photographers were amazed."



"It was difficult trying to find the right photographer for one of the biggest days of our lives but after we met Ryan and took a look at his work we knew we had chosen the right person to capture our day. Although we were living in Chicago Ryan was always available and prompt with emails leading up to the wedding.

Ryan was such a pleasure to work with. He was extremely professional and took time to understand our personalities and that really showed in the photos. Our photos were absolutely AMAZING- He has a way of capturing the realness of the person/setting but more importantly the emotion of the day. His candid photos were some of our favorites-his photos tell a story and we are able to re-live that day ever time we look over them."






"Ryan was everything we were looking for in a photographer. First and foremost he takes incredible pictures.  But we wanted someone who could capture the spontaneous moments without much prior planning.  We knew based on Ryan's background photographing musical events he would be perfect for the job.

He has a wonderful way of getting great shots, we were surprised at how much he was able to get without us being overly aware of him.  Every special moment from our ceremony to our party was captured beautifully and naturally. If you are looking for someone who will put you at ease while simultaneously making you look your best, definitely look no further!"



"Looking over our spectacular wedding photos we always wonder: How could Ryan have been in so many places at once without being seen by anyone?  Ryan's uncanny ability to capture the most intimate, magical moments from every angle while being totally inconspicuous made for incredibly special photos of our evening.  His friendly professional demeanor put both families at ease during portraits and the candid shots range from the highly emotional to the hillarious.  Communication leading up to the day was seamless and professional, not to mention the speedy delivery of the photos and fast turn around on all edits.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking to capture the joy and excitement of their wedding day. "








"Our experience with Ryan was exceptional. He met with us a few weeks prior to our wedding to understand the type of wedding we were planning and what we would want out of the photographs. He immediately understood that what we wanted was to capture the energy of our friends and family throughout the evening. 

The wedding took place in a setting with low light and we recognized that it may be difficult to photograph all of the moments. As someone who has experience in music and nightlife photography, Ryan was adept at harnessing the energy and movement throughout the dance floor. He was the only photographer at the event and we were amazed that not a single moment of the evening was not captured on camera. The pictures of the night are candid and organic and truly reflect our experience."



"When we found Ryan through referrals from friends and industry colleagues, we knew right away we had found the right photographer for our big day. He immediately put us at ease when talking about his experience with not only weddings but with music and event photography.  We were looking for an artistic eye that would be able to capture our day without what we think of as boring or typical shots...Ryan nailed it!

The day of our wedding Ryan was super attentive and seemed to capture photos that no one else would have seen. When a rainbow appeared Ryan was the first to spot it and take us out from underneath the tents at our outdoor affair to grab gorgeous shots of us underneath the rainbow. People are still talking about the candid shots he was able to get of us, our family and friends throughout the day, from ceremony to last call, without being intrusive or 'posey'.  We wholeheartedly recommend Ryan Muir for his professional manner, polite demeanor, and fabulous photos."





"Our experience with Ryan Muir was absolutely perfect; I'm constantly showing off the pictures he took of us to anyone that will look, and every single person has said that they are not only the best wedding pictures they've seen but one in particular is one of the finest photos they've seen period.  

The photos are not cheesy but totally organic to the environment and to our personalities.  His candid photography captured the little moments we missed (as we were busy having our wedding) and also tell the story of our special day.  

When we received the finished photos we were astounded at their quality and wondered how he was able to get the photos he did without being seen. He's like a photo-ninja!  We would, and have, recommended him to anyone looking for a professional, courteous, wedding photographer."



"Ryan's photography of our wedding was absolutely exceptional. While we hired a videographer to capture the same event, the footage wasn't as nearly as compelling as the pictures.

We had wanted a fresh, interesting perspective and had been interested in Ryan's historic work - particularly of concerts and other musical events. Ryan delivered on this tenfold, giving us a wonderful keepsake we'll cherish forever.

Ryan has a knack for finding the perfect shot. He worked with the bride and groom and the entire wedding party to provide unique, beautiful photos of our wedding weekend. I was particularly impressed with his perseverance over three days, never tiring despite hot weather and a busy schedule. He offered techniques and strategies for complex photos - from varying the lens and speed on the camera to morphing multiple photos together into one unified shot for larger groups.

Ryan is a pleasure with whom to work. He treated our wedding and the photography of it like it was the most important event in the world, resulting in stunning, high-quality depictions. He proactively sought interesting angles on posed shots and dynamic behind-the-scenes stills we hadn't even anticipated."






"We loved working with Ryan and his team! Our wedding--a bilingual (Polish and English), traditional Catholic Church ceremony followed by a LONG reception--was not an easy affair to shoot.... We talked with Ryan about the "must have" moments, but we really let him have creative reign over the rest. We were thrilled with the results! He and his team captured all the key shots, but also the little moments that we didn't realize would be so important to us (our parents tearing up, a sideways glance at each other during the ceremony, etc);

 Ryan particularly had a great eye for catching action moments. And his ideas for our NYC bridal party photo shoot were really original and fun! It's been almost four years now, and we still watch the video that he created for us. In addition to providing a great final product, Ryan was extremely easy to work with, both before (regarding our vision) and after (regarding the final product). We highly recommend Ryan and his team!"